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Q:  At what age should my child be evaluated for braces?

A: Ideally, patients should be seen by age 7.  Braces are not usually put on until later, but in some children there is an immediate need (i.e., under-bite, cross-bite, or thumb-sucking habit). It is always easier, and there are more options when patients are seen before all their adult teeth come in.

Q: How expensive are braces these days?

A: First of all, if you have dental insurance, orthodontics is typically covered as a one-time benefit. The typical benefit can be anywhere from $1000 – $2500, depending on your particular insurance plan. In our office, we sit down with parents and personally figure out their insurance benefits before moving forward with braces. In addition, we offer third-party financing for those who qualify. With third-party financing, there is no down payment, with manageable monthly payments.

Dr. Vargas is a PREFERRED ORTHODONTIC PROVIDER for most insurance plans. This helps our patients lower their out-of-pocket orthodontic expenses, as the insurance company dictates the maximum fee a preferred provider can charge a patient.  The insurance company also credentials and monitors their providing doctors so policyholders can rest assured their children will be in good hands with Dr. Battle and his wonderful staff.

Patients win both ways – lower costs, and friendly orthodontic care!

Alberto A. Vargas, D.M.D., M.S.

“I have been practicing in Florida since 2002 and decided to specialize in orthodontics because I love the challenge of improving a person’s smile and self-esteem. It is wonderful to be able to serve my patients in this capacity."

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